Our business consulting division at ABVANT is oriented to help
small and midsize businesses reduce their non-labor costs.

We provide expertise in the following areas:
  • Small business setup - Business plans, Strategies, Accounting systems
  • Entity selection - Options based on your business plan
  • Expense reduction strategies
    • According to the Aberdeen Group, U.S. based businesses and organizations are missing out on more than $130 billion in annual cost savings due to limited purchasing power and inadequate expertise in the areas where they are spending their money.
    • This is where you have an advantage working with ABVANT. We will make sure you are getting the best pricing and even provide insight into obtaining credits and refunds in many cases.
    • We look at 17+ areas of expense – everything from utilities to service and maintenance agreements, freight to merchant card fees and telephone expenses.
    • We begin by offering a free cost analysis. From that we present your organization with the areas where we believe opportunities exist.
    • The great thing about hiring us is that it doesn’t cost your organization anything; we create the excess funds from which we are paid.
In addition to our business consulting services, we provide expertise in the following areas:

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